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Slot Machine Rules

SEA Official(Publisher) 2020-11-30 300k readings

Speaking of slot machines, everyone's first impression may be a colorful video game with rich graphics. Slot machines are different from most other game items. They do not rely on players or dealers to bet against each other. Instead, a variety of different machines are displayed in casinos or online websites. As long as you choose a slot machine you like, you have a chance to become a billionaire. As a variety of emerging slot machines have more simple gameplay or special rules slot machines have been born, making slot machines always loved by most people. If you want to experience the gaming atmosphere and try your luck, playing slot games will be your best choice. Now let me introduce the general types and basic rules of slot machines:

Basic rules:

Slot machine has many nouns, such as slot machine, slot machine, fruit machine, slot machine, etc., all refer to the same item. Here are collectively referred to as "slot machines" for convenience. The playing method of the slot machine is very simple. Players only need to select the bet amount, then activate the handle or button, and the reels will start to rotate.Regarding the way of betting, some slot machines can choose to increase the number of draw lines or bet multiples. But all in all, as long as the betting row or column has two or more identical patterns (depending on the game) when the rotation stops, you can get the bonus.

Single-line slot machine:

refers to a winning line. Although there are few winning lines, the odds of this type of slot machine are higher. The minimum odds is 10 times and the maximum is 800 times or more (for example, betting 1 yuan, the minimum winning is 10 yuan, and the highest is 1600 yuan), because the gameplay is simple and easy to understand, it is deeply loved by slot players.

Multi-line slot machine:

Refers to multiple winning lines, 3, 5, 9, 20, 50, etc. As long as one of the lines wins, you can get the corresponding bonus. This type of slot machine has a high probability of winning, but the amount of winning is low. In many cases, the amount of winning on a single line is not high enough to bet.

Bonus doubled slot machine:

It means that the player can double the bonus bet every time they get the bonus. If the double bet is successful, they will get more bonus. If the double bet fails, the bonus will be lost. This is a broken-down slot machine game.

Progressive slot machine:

This type of machine usually has a minimum bet limit, and once someone wins the jackpot, the machine will start accumulating again. If there are players who progress to a large number, your chances of winning the first prize will be higher, so you might as well sit down and dominate the machine!

Connected slot machine:

Connected slot machine is an extension of progressive slot machine, and it is also the machine that requires the most investment among the three types. The online slot machine is to connect multiple machines in the casino, combining basic bonuses and progressive bonuses. If you win a lottery, the prize money must be an amazing number.

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